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In addition to the staff being wonderful, the Chicken Tacos are DELICIOUS!! We found them at a food festival several weeks back and made a trip into downtown on the final SLU Night Market just to get our hands on their delicious tacos! Highly recommended and can’t wait for them to expand to a food truck (hint hint)!

*I wanted to provide a photo of the tacos, but I found myself devouring them too quickly, so all I have to share is the empty tray. ?

Great food
Tony M.

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What is fijian food?


Fijian Flavors

Our recipes stem from a mix of Indian and Fijian influence. Naturally, when two different cultures meet, the best aspects from each will begin to combine and create something new and unique. Traditional recipes start evolving into new, intense, and sophisticated flavors, taking aspects from each culture to form something beautiful.

South Indian Influence

We use traditional spices and flavors passed down from generation to generation to create our dishes. Good food takes time to make; we take our time to slowly infuse all of the fresh herbs and spices together to create a unique flavor that you will not find anywhere else.

Pacific Northwest ingredients

We love using local ingredients whenever possible. We live in a very rich and diverse region that allows us not only to get fresh, quality ingredients locally but it also allows us to do our part in helping eliminate our environmental footprint.

What we do



Farmers Markets and festivals

Tolu will be operating throughout various farmers markets and festivals in Seattle.

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Event Catering

Have an event that needs catering? We can set up and serve food on the spot or cook offsite and deliver food to your next event!

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A little about us…

Tolu means the number ‘three’ in the Fijian language. It represents us being three brothers (although our entire family runs the operation) along with the three influences in the food that we serve: Indo-Fijian, Native Fijian, with a touch of the Pacific Northwest. We decided to start Tolu because we wanted to share our culture with Seattle. We believe the best way to share our culture is through food, since everyone LOVES food!

We hope to see you soon!

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